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RYBS Registration

Volunteer Fee Deposit

This season RYBS will again be implementing the Volunteer Fee Deposit.  The fee is $25/player with a family cap of $50.  The money will be returned upon completion of a volunteer commitment.  There are several options available to volunteer.

Coaching and Assistant coaching - depending on league numbers and needs will determine the number of coaches needed per team.

Concessions - once the teams are formed, league heads will be in contact with parents that have chosen this option to help fill the time spots available for the different nights of play.

Board Member - RYBS welcomes new faces and ideas to help keep the program running 

Volunteer Buy-out - This option allows RYBS to pool the money and use it to fill in with high-school students in the areas needed to keep the nightly leagues running smoothly.

Problems or Questions please contact

RYBS Secretary -- Karyl Hanson

* During the registration it may appear that you are being charged a late fee.  Unless you are registering after April 1 the fee will show as $0.00 on the final review.  (see sample letter below)

Upon successful completion of the RYBS registration you should receive an email similar to the sample letter below.  If you do not receive this email your registration may not have been successful.  Please contact us if you are having issues with the registration. 

Confirmation Sample letter

Dear ‘Parent’,
Thank you for completing the RYBS 2022 Registration with Ripon Youth Baseball & Softball. A receipt is included below and your account is accessible online at
==== ‘Registrants Name’ ====

League: ‘League description’
Late Fee: Late Fee

Mandatory Volunteer Fee:  $25

You can view the full survey entry here.
Order Number: _________
Order Total: $45.00
Paid Today: $0.00
Amount Outstanding: $45.00
RYBS 2022 Registration - $45 Fee (Qty: 1) for $45.00
RYBS 2022 Registration, Late Fee (Qty: 1) for $0.00

Volunteer Fee for (#Children) - $25

Thank you for your order!