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Updated COVD Protocol 6/9/2021

Updated RYBS 2021 Safety Guidelines 

The Ripon Youth Baseball/Softball League has followed closely the changes that have taken place this spring in regard to high school sports during Covid 19.  We have adjusted our summer protocols based on guidance from the CDC and the WIAA: 

 Any player or family member exhibiting coughs, fevers, or any other symptoms  associated with the virus is an automatic DO NOT ATTEND. Anyone that shows these signs and symptoms will be asked to leave immediately as this puts our season in  immediate JEOPARDY. 

Masks are optional.  The RYBS Board asks that everyone respect each other’s rights to wear them if they choose to or choose not to.

1. Game Protocol:  Players should arrive no more than 30 minutes before their designated game time.  At the pregame meeting and throughout the game, coaches and umpires will not be allowed to shake hands or have any physical contact with each other. All parties must maintain social distancing guidelines. No physical  contact or touching is permitted. Players and coaches are asked to refrain from  high fives or any other physical gestures of celebration. All team personnel must 

always maintain social distancing guidelines. At the conclusion of the game,  players will be asked to forego the sportsmanship line at the end of the  game. Instead each team will line up on their respective foul line and “tip their  cap” as a salute to the other team to promote sportsmanship. 


2. Equipment: 

  •  Each participant should have their own hand sanitizer, and use it before entering the park and upon leaving the park.

*T-Ball and Coach pitch---Helmets and bats will be provided by the league.  Players are welcome and encouraged to bring their own helmets and bats if able.  Players will need their own glove.  Shared equipment will be cleaned with sanitary spray prior to use by another player. 

*Minors/Majors/Seniors---Refrain from sharing equipment in general. This includes but is not limited to bats, helmets, and catcher’s equipment. Bats and helmets will not be provided. (Please let your coach know if we need to assist your family with this.)  

Each team needs to provide their own baseballs or softballs for when they are in the  field. 


3. Food/Beverage/Hydration/Concessions: All players, coaches, and umpires will have personal water bottles that are kept in their individual designated area.  Players are not to have any food or snacks during the duration of the game (including warm-ups).  The concession stand will operate at a reduced capacity.  Patrons are asked to please dispose of all garbage in designated areas.

Violation of Established Guidelines 

RYBS has established the above guidelines with the interest of the safety of all players,  coaches, fans, and the community in mind. Violation of any of the above guidelines  places an increased danger on those the plan intends to protect.  If a violation is  observed by any coach or board member, the coach or board member shall  immediately act to attempt to obtain voluntary compliance with the established  guidelines. If there is a continued refusal by the violator to comply with required  guidelines, the practice or game shall be immediately forfeited. 

Welcome to the Ripon Youth Baseball & Softball website. 

RYBS is a volunteer organization which organizes and runs local youth baseball and softball leagues for Ripon, Wisconsin and the surrounding communities. 

For any tournament or travel team inquiries please contact the Ripon Diamond Booster Club. 

2021 RYBS Registration

RYBS registration for the 2021 youth baseball & softball is closed.  Teams are being drafted and coaches should be contacting you shortly with further information about the upcoming season.

Depending on enrollment numbers, nights of play may be different than previous season in an effort to limit the number of people at the ball diamonds.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  

Sponsor Registration

Team Sponsorships

RYBS is looking for team sponsors.  Anyone interested may register via the link below.

Any questions regarding the sponsorships can be directed to

Team Sponsorship details

Team sponsorship's have allowed RYBS to keep our registration fees lower over the past few years and we are grateful to all of our current and past sponsors.

Team sponsorship's are available for all leagues and levels.  The cost to sponsor a RYBS team is $150 for the season.

Sponsor logos will be placed on the backs of the team's shirts and on the RYBS website and a team photo will be given to each sponsor. 

RYBS will do our best to ensure a particular player will be placed on the team if requested.  However not all requests will be possible and they will be filled on a first come basis.

RYBS Registration questions